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2024 Texas FFA Scholarship News ~ Area I

Congratulations to all of you! Please be looking for email correspondence from Texas FFA in the near future with further instructions.  

Per Texas FFA Policy, all students are required to attend the Texas FFA State Convention to receive their scholarship. Chapters with scholarship recipients will receive a letter later this week with the date and time of their stage recognition and the scholarship banquet they are required to attend. Students will need to bring a current ID with them to the convention. 

If your student is no longer able to attend convention or accept their scholarship, please contact as soon as possible. 

Congratulations to our 2024 Texas FFA Scholars! 

Congratulations on getting an Interview in Stephenville! 
Just a reminder....we will meet as an Area on Sunday, June 2nd in the lobby of the Hampton Inn and Suites at 7 pm to practice your opening statements and go over the interview process. Please make plans to attend. only get 90 seconds and they will cut you off. Ensure that you are comfortable with the interview questions! Let us know if you have any questions. 
Good luck and we will see you in Stephenville! 
Drew Taylor and Laci Vogel

May 16, 2024
Good Afternoon! 
We just wanted to share some information with you about the State Scholarship Process. 
Your applications are being judged over the next week. We will find out who gets interviews on Friday, May 24th. 
State Scholarship Interviews will be held on Monday, June 3rd in Stephenville. We will meet the night before (on Sunday, June 2nd) at 7pm in the Lobby of the Hampton Inn and Suites in Stephenville. We will go over the interview process again, practice your opening statements, and answer any questions that you have. Please make plans to attend that meeting. 
Starting on Friday, May 24th, the State Office will take over all correspondence with you regarding requirements for you and your scholarship. We are always happy to help and make contacts if you need us to. However, the State will be emailing YOU (the candidate) from that point. They will not share important information with us anymore. That is why it is IMPERATIVE that you CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! 
Please practice your opening statement. Remember: they will cut you off at 90 seconds at State. 
I have attached the list of questions again. Make sure that you are as prepared as you can be! 
Good luck! 
Drew Taylor and Laci Vogel

May 2, 2024

Good morning, 

I apologize that it has taken me so long to send this out but first, CONGRATULATIONS on making the Top 25 at the Area level. However, you aren't done yet! 

Don't forget to go in and make all of your corrections to your app by the end of the day tomorrow. If you have questions about what you need to do, please ask! For those of you who have already made your corrections, thank you! 

Next Steps in the scholarship process: 
Your applications will be evaluated through the State Pre-check. They will notify us on May 15th of any corrections that the State says need to be made. 
Those corrections will be due May 17th by 5 pm. 

After that, applications will be judged on the State level from May 18th-21st. 

May 24th, we will be notified of which students receive Scholarship Interviews at the State level. 

State Scholarship Interviews are June 3rd in Stephenville. More information will be shared on that at a later date. 

Please let Mr. Taylor or I know if you have any questions or concerns! That's why we are here! We are always happy to help. I will ask that you mark these dates down on your calendar so you can reference them as needed. 

Have a great day, 

Drew Taylor and Laci Vogel

Laci Vogel
Roosevelt ISD 
Agricultural Science 
FFA Advisor

2024 Area I Scholarship Top 25 Finalists

Karson Thompson Candian
Kade Lawrence Canyon
Wes Shaw Clarendon
Landri Lawrence Farwell
Kadey Urbantke Farwell
Garrison Pieniazek Frenship
Cayden Hodnett Frenship
Tyler Racca Frenship
Dieter Ally Friona
Hudson Born Gruver
Avery Detten Hereford
Chloe Birkenfeld Nazareth
Tanner Wethington Nazareth
Jett Ramaekers Nazareth
Jacob Martinez New Deal
Whitney Kennedy Panhandle
Madelyn Schickendanz Perryton
Cooper Hale Perryton
Allison Long Plainview
Elijah Bowe Shallowater
Lexi Terry Shallowater
Lynnsey Mahler Springlake-Earth
Mila Thompson Stratford
Addie Carlson Vega
Juliana Sirmans White Deer


Good morning, 

The Committee will meet Sunday, April 28th, 2024  at the WT Ag Education Schaffer Educational Lab Building at 9:00 AM. Today we have 50 scholarship students signed up, so if they all show up it could make for a long day on Sunday to score that many! We will be there to help along with some veteran Ag Teachers that have served on this committee before. 

Also, interviews will take place on Monday, April 29th, 2024 starting at 8:00 AM.  The first few applicants were told to be there by 7:30am. As soon as everyone is there and ready to roll, we can begin. So, with this being stated, you may choose to have a motel room. 

After the Interviews are done, we will select the Top 25 to advance to State. This will take about 1 hour to do. 

You will need a LAPTOP COMPUTER that we can upload A SPREADSHEET on your device by using a flash drive. Please make sure your device has that capability. Chromebooks will work but we tend to have more issues with those.

You may want to become familiar with the application if you have not seen one and if so they can be looked at on the Texas FFA website.

THANK YOU for volunteering for this task for our FFA students.

Area Scholarship Committee

Drew Taylor and Laci Vogel


April 5, 2024 10:22 am
Good morning,

You have now completed the first part of the Texas FFA scholarship process by filling out the Application and submitting it. 

The second part will be to have an interview on April 29 th in Canyon at the WTAMU Agricultural Education Center. 
Interview Times will be sent to you later by email. The interviews will start at 8:00 AM on April 29th. 
This will be the only day to Interview so if you need an early Interview or a late interview time or you are participating in the Nominating Committee process, you will have until  April 12th to respond back by email. I will do my best to accommodate those requests.  
You will have time at the beginning of your interview to introduce yourself. You will have about a minute and a half to tell us about yourself. I have attached the interview questions. You will draw three questions that will be asked during your interview.  
All interviews will be done by chapter groups as best we can as we can accommodate. 

Please Email with those requests. 

We will announce the Top 25 Scholarship applications that will advance to the State Application Check that evening (April 29th) on the Area I FFA Website. 
You can update your applications until April 22nd when applications are printed for the committee to review. 
Corrections for those applications that get out will be due back by May 3rd to be rechecked prior to the State Submission. 
State Scholarship Interviews will be announced May 24th. 
State Scholarship Interviews will be held June 3rd in Stephenville. You MUST be able to attend in person! 
You also must be able to attend the State FFA Convention July 8th through July 12th in Houston. 
Please mark these dates on your calendar so that you are prepared and can rectify any conflicts you may have! 
Be working on your opening statements and questions. If you have any questions, please reach out. 

Area I FFA Scholarship Committee

Drew Taylor- Wellington AST

Laci Vogel- Roosevelt AST


Wed April 3, 2024 3:03 pm


To Whom It May concern,

The Area 1 Executive Committee has decided to allow anyone in Area 1 who missed the March 4th deadline to fill out and submit names for the Texas FFA Scholarship. The deadline for the Texas FFA Scholarship submission is on April 4th at 11:59 pm. Along with your application, you must submit a $250 late fee made out to the Area 1 FFA Association, and a letter from the Ag teacher explaining why the name submission/ application was late signed by the Teacher, Principal, and Parents.

Letter and late fee need to be sent to:

Area 1 FFA

Alan Been 

Po Box 130

Earth, Tx 79031

PAYMENT & LETTER must be received by APRIL 11th.

For more information feel free to contact anyone on the Area 1 Executive Board.

Jay Newton

Area 1 Coordinator

Tuesday April 2, 2024 4:04 PM

Hi all! 

Don't forget to submit your applications in the Roster System by 11:59 PM on Thursday.Ensure that you get your required uploads added.  Make sure you are getting the required signatures! Please don't wait until the last minute! 
If you know you are going to scratch, please email us so we can mark you off our list! If you already have, I apologize! I haven't updated my groups but I will work on that tomorrow. 
If you need help, ASK!! That's why we are here! 
Drew Taylor

Laci Vogel

Good morning, 

This message is being shared with the Area Scholarship Chair and Co-Chair as well as the Area Coordinators. If you have any changes to your scholarship representatives, please let me know. 

All Area deadlines for scholarship applications are listed online, if there has been a change, please share those with me so they can be updated on the website. I've outlined the important dates for this year's process below. Please make sure you've secured two qualified individuals to score at the state level this year. 


2024 Texas FFA Scholarship Dates: 

April 4- Scholarship Applications Close @ 11:59 pm

April 26-Applications re-open for area corrections

April 29 - Interviews - WTAMU  TBD.

May 10- Area apps must be submitted to Texas FFA by 5 pm

May 15-1 pm  Zoom Meeting with Area Scholarship Reps for Corrections (all corrections will be emailed to you as well-Zoom will be for questions/clarifications)

May 17- All Scholarship Corrections Completed by 5 pm

May 17- 4 pm Zoom Meeting for Pre-Score

May 17-20- Texas FFA Scholarship Pre-Score (online) 

June 3rd- Texas FFA Scholarship Interviews

As you look to begin the Texas FFA Scholarship process, here are a few items to keep in mind:: 

A full list of requirements can be found here. Please share this with the teachers in your area. 

Transcripts should be 3.5-year transcripts and must be official-meaning they must include the signature of the school counselor or registrar.

Any course taken Pass/Fail should NOT be included on the GPA page of the application (this will not negatively impact your student). 

The ACT/SAT requirement is still in place this year. Students must have taken and scored a minimum of a 19 on the ACT OR 1000 on the SAT to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. ACT/SAT. 

ACT/SAT score reports must include the student's full name. The screenshot from the email is not official.

SuperScores will not be accepted. 

Please remind your areas that any weighted grades on the transcript will require a counselor's letter.

As a reminder, the scholarship questions were updated last year. The list can be found here. Please share this with members in your area so there are no surprises. 

We are aware that we are waiting on the new SAI report to be released by FAFSA. The last update from FAFSA says it should come out in early March. We will keep you updated as we hear new information.

FAFSA SAI UPDATE- Based on the comparison charts of EFC to SAI, the scholarship application will have a verbiage change only. The words "Estimated Family Contribution/ EFC" will be replaced with "Student Aide Index/ SAI".  

All EFC/SAI values on the application and scoring rubric will remain the same. 

Thank you for all that you do! Please email or call with any questions.


Program and Scholarship Coordinator

Texas FFA Association


P    512-271-6797   |     E


Texas FFA Association
614 E. 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78701

Good morning Teachers,
Below you will find a few links to help you start or continue your Texas FFA Scholarship
application. If your student has not submitted their name via the Google Form, they need to do that
ASAP. That form closes on March 4 th at 11:59 PM. Completed applications are Due April 4 th , 2024. The
Application is solely online. You Will Not Print the Application out and hand it in.
Please read the email from Texas FFA sent out on February 6 th regarding the change on the
FAFSA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of us. If you would like to check on
your submitted students, email me (Laci) and I will send you the list for your school.

Area Scholarship Name Submission-Google Form

Texas FFA Scholarship Requirements

Texas FFA Scholarship Login Instructions

Scholarship Submission Process

EXAMPLE Counselor Letter for Unweighted Letter

Laci Vogel
Roosevelt FFA
Drew Taylor AST
Wellington FFA

It's that time of year again to begin working on Texas FFA Scholarships.
Laci Vogel and I will be heading up the process this time, so please direct all your questions to either of us.
If you are planning to fill out the Texas FFA Scholarship application, you MUST fill out this form and submit it to the Area 1 Scholarship Committee prior to the deadline. The form will automatically close at 11:59 pm on March 4th, 2024. Please make sure that the email your applicant provides will still be active after graduation, so do not use a current school email. Applications are due to the Area 1 committee by April 4th. 

Below is the link to the scholarship form for your applicant to complete:

The list of Scholarship Interview questions can be found here:  Texas FFA Scholarship Questions
Thank you, and let us know if there is anything either of us can do to help in this process.

Drew Taylor
Wellington ISD AST

Laci Vogel 
Roosevelt ISD AST

Names are due to the Area via the Google form by March 4th at 11:59pm

Apps are due to the Area April 4th

Scholarship book check is April 28th @WT

Interviews are April 29th @ WT

App corrections are due May 3rd (for Area 25)

State Interviews are Monday, June 3rd in Stephenville


Other scholarship & award opportunities

2023-Texas FFA Scholarship Winners

2022-State Qualifying Applicants from Area I

Isabella Becera Plainview
Landon Bogan Bushland
Jett Bradford Panhandle
Cash Campbell Idalou
Charlee Chambers Abernathy
Makenzy Corrales Nazareth
Sunny Cowley Canyon
Garrison Haseloff Farwell
Ashlynn Howell White Deer
Madison Kerby Whiteface
Katherine Kuehler Panhandle
Cash Martin Abernathy
Ashlynn Messer Coronado
Kollier Miller Panhandle
Campbell Offield Plainview
Tanner Owen Canyon
Dayson Schacher Nazareth
Dustan Sides Farwell
Clayton Stevenson Springlake-Earth
Kamryn Teeters Spearman
Reed Terrell Levelland
Kaitlyn Vega Floydada
Grayson Waldrop Farwell
Madison Waters Wellington
Jacey Weinheimer Panhandle



Area I Association Texas FFA Scholarship Recipients 2021

Complete Texas FFA list here

Our thanks to the committee and chairmen for handling this.

2019 Texas FFA Scholarship Finalists
These students will be recognized on stage at the Area I Convention in Amarillo in May.

2018 Texas FFA Scholarship Finalists

These students will be recognized on stage at the Area I Convention in Amarillo

Abernathy Ashtyn Kincaid
Abernathy Addison Royal
Canyon Grason Bush
Canyon Amedeo Loya
Canyon Morgan  Niemiec
Claude Lindsey Monroe
Dumas Ashli Sauer
Farwell Mari Ferrel
Farwell Kylie Haseloff
Farwell Kinley  Kalbas
Floydada Allison Orr
Frenship Kameryn Slayton
Idalou Kelsey Collins
Idalou Everett Herrington
Lubbock Cooper Matthew Barnhill
Motley County Sierra Jameson
Nazareth Bryson High
Nazareth Kristi  McAlister
Nazareth Brady Robb
Nazareth Chandler Schulte
Perryton Tommy Butler
Slaton Wyatt Harlan
Slaton Grace  Parker
Sudan Aubrey  Fields
Valley Kara Luckett



Lubbock Cooper
















































Lubbock Cooper
















Shae Lynn









2018 Scholarship Information
Click this link to submit names for Area Scholarship interviews:

Click here to submit a name for consideration for the area sift for scholarship interviews. This link is closed.
Or copy and paste this link into your browser:

While it is still a few months away from the deadline to submit Texas FFA Scholarship Applications, it is time to start to work on them.  Should you have a senior applicant this year, there are a few things that they could start getting together in order to submit the app on time.

·          Update recordbooks… if you need last years app to start collecting information, I can get it to you…   This year’s app is supposed to go online today but it was not up awhile ago.

·         FAFSA – they do not have to wait on this years taxes to get a score…. They can use last year’s tax returns

·         Updated transcript with act /sat stickers and class rank  through fall semester

·         Award application folder – here is the link to order it.

Based on the scholarship Score Sheet and the maximum points, here are the averages statewide

Texas FFA Scholarship Numbers

Average Class Rank 12%
 Average ACT Score 24.85     SAT Score 1638.24
 Average GPA 94.93
 Judges Averages
 FAFSA 9.5      (10)
 ACT/SAT 7.16 (10)
 GPA 13.61  (15)
 AFNR 9.82 (10)
 LDE 5.35   (8) 

CDE 5.45   (8) 

 Leadership 2.52   (4),

FFA Activities 3.46  (5)
 SAE 3.41  (5)  ,

Need Narrative 6.25  (10)

2016 Area I Scholarship  (advancing to the Austin Sift May 23  Students invited to interview will be notified.)

These students will be recognized on stage at the Area I Convention in Amarillo on May 13.

Scholarship Interview Questions

Texas FFA

2014 Scholarship Interview Questions

1. Describe one lesson you have learned from your SAE. Explain how this will help you in

your career.

2. Describe one concept of leadership you have learned from your FFA experiences.

Explain how you will continue to use this in your life.

3. How do you see yourself making a positive, meaningful contribution to society after

completing college?

4. What have you done to prepare yourself for college?

5. What do you consider to be your most memorable, significant, or rewarding FFA


6. What is your major and why did you choose it?

7. What advice would you give a freshman who just enrolled in agricultural education?

8. Outside of the agriculture program/FFA, what factors have contributed to the

development of who you are?

9. How would you describe FFA to someone that has never heard of it?

10. If given the opportunity, what would you say to the sponsor(s) of this scholarship?

11. How can we work to improve the image of agricultural education and make FFA a

positive experience in our schools?

12. What does it mean to you to wear the FFA jacket and serve as a representative of the

Texas FFA Association?


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