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Teacher's Directory
The teacher's directory of Area I contains many pages of information and policies that are compiled and edited every year by the executive committee, executive secretary and Alan Been, AST at Springlake-Earth.  Information in the directory is re-evaluated every year and updated according to state & national rules as well as other decisions made by the Area.  To offer a rule change, it must be submitted in writing to the Area Coordinator by 10 am on the Saturday of the Area I FFA Convention.  Any proposed rule changes will be presented at the teachers meeting during area leadership camp in June for discussion.   The items for discussion will be presented formally at the Tuesday area meeting of the annual Ag Teacher's Conference and will be voted on during the Friday meeting of the conference. 

If you find a mistake, discrepancy or have questions, please send the information to: for Part 2 information for Part 1 information

Part 2 of our teacher's directory contains a complete list of all the teachers, officers, colleges and university faculty addresses, phone numbers, emails.  This section of our directory is ONLY available for Area I FFA advisors and the friends of Area I FFA for their use.  For a copy of part 2 of the teacher's directory, please send an email to one of above addresses.  We removed general access to directory because of a salesman who started calling all the teachers in our area.  Only those with granted access will receive a copy.  

Policies, constitution & by-laws of Area I
Proposed Rule Changes 2019-20
Pictures of teachers in Area I by district
Responsibilities of elected Area I Coordinator Position
Responsibilities of elected Area I Leadership Coordinator - agenda and notes from meeting for this position Dec, 2017

Draft of proposed "Constitution" updated 7.8.19


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