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Leadership Development Events (LDE's)
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State Qualifiers & Judges 2019
Thank you notes

See below for a contest we began having in 2016 - "Opening & Closing Ceremonies."  District Presidents -- please allow for a qualifier at your district contest in this event.

2019 news!! **

**Catered lunch will be available in the pavilion during the noon hour (around 11:30 to 1:00 pm) for teachers, students, parents, judges, etc.  Cost is $10 per ticket and you can reserve yours when you register: (LDE judges will not have to purchase a ticket - Area I will pay for your lunch.)

**Job Interview items will be due to Dr. Robertson ( by 5 pm on Wednesday before the Area contest.  

**Ag Issues portfolios will be due to Dr. Robertson ( by 9 am on Friday before the Area contest.

While WT is a gracious host for our contests, it’s not their responsibility to clean up after we leave.

Remind your students

Ø  If you move it, put it back

Ø  If you turn it on, turn it off

Ø  If you make a mess, clean it up

Ø  If something does not belong to you and you want to use it, get permission

Ø  If something does not concern you, do not mess with it

Thanks for helping us keep their facilities clean.


"New" Opening & Closing Ceremony Contest Rules Chandra Corse 9/27/2016 66 KB
"New" Opening & Closing Ceremony Scorecard Chandra Corse 9/27/2016 217 KB
Letter to school districts to thank for teachers judging Chandra Corse 10/28/2019 31 KB
2015 ParlyPro Summary Chandra Corse 11/9/2019 451 KB
2015 ParlyPro Terminology Chandra Corse 11/9/2019 236 KB
Materials Order Form SHSU 2019 Chandra Corse 11/9/2019 44 KB
Parking and unloading LDE 2019 Chandra Corse 11/21/2019 11703 KB
Press Release 2019 Chandra Corse 11/21/2019 1607 KB



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