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Our Policies & Bylaws

Area 1 Ag Teacher's Directory ~ Part 1 contains our policies and bylaws

(updated July 25, 2023) 

The teacher's directory, Part 1, contains many pages of information and policies that are compiled and edited every year.  To offer a rule change in the policy section of our teacher's directory, it must be submitted in writing to the Area Coordinator by 10 am on the final day of the Area I FFA Convention.  Any proposed rule changes will be presented at the teachers meeting during area leadership conference in June for discussion.   The items for discussion will be presented formally at the Tuesday area meeting of the annual Ag Teacher's Conference and will be voted on during that meeting.  To submit a potential rule change to the constitution, it should be submitted the same as above, and if approved by the teachers, it will be placed before the members at the next annual area meeting.

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