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Giving Back

Become a physical and/or financial partner with Area I FFA Association - see some options about how to contribute your time, resources, money and opportunities:  Giving

Got a worthy student who might be struggling to purchase their first FFA jacket?  Find out here about a generous program that will help FFA members out:  Live Like Johnny and Kubota.

We have many generous companies and individuals that support us financially, physically and prayerfully.  After all of our major events, look for a "Thank You Note Page" that lists those we should show our gratitude to by having our FFA members hand write thank you notes to.  Often, we hear back from these folks that those hand-written sentiments of thanks do not go unnoticed.  Please continue to make this part of your lesson-planning and to-do list.  Here are some ideas:

  • divide up the list to different students, have all members sign each letter
  • print a picture of students attending and add to the page
  • serve snacks, play some good music, do another fun project afterwards
  • provide stationery, cool pens, stamps and return labels
  • Have each student write one or two sentences for a generic thank you for support.  Then fill in the blanks with specific things. (who it's to, what they provided)
  • Have some fun return labels, draw pics inside the envelope flap
  • Use a student's own artwork for the front of the card
  • add FFA appropriate details (lines from the Creed, motto, paper in FFA colors, stickers about ag products)
  • Tell what your chapter learned about and how they will use the information gained at the event for in the coming year in the body of the note.
  • Invite them to your chapter website or social media page.
  • Invite them to be a guest speaker, attendee or special guest at all of your chapter functions.
  • ALWAYS double check grammar, spelling and punctuation.  These people might be your boss someday.
  • Text or email thank you notes are NOT the preferred method of communication.  
  • Please send these promptly, although late is better than never.

Area I has merchandise available for sale to help contribute to our scholarship fund.  Find that information here.  


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