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Publicity Committee

The Area Publicity Committee was begun in an effort to get high quality photos and video of our area events in a manner that would be easy and efficient for our local chapters to gain access for their own use.  

If you have a student who has an interest in this service position through ag communications and photography for Area I, see the following information:
1)  At least an incoming junior
2)  Have attended the event at least once in the past
3)  Supply their own camera.  Area I will reimburse for storage cards, but receipts must be provided
4)  Allowed to move in and out of events freely, but will still be supervised by their own advisor
5)  Must be a registered participant and be in total attendance of the event

1)  Take random picture and video shots
2)  Set up and take award pictures, chapter pictures, banquet pictures, etc. 
4)  Share all pictures on Area website for chapter use.  This must be done by handing over a storage device at the end of each day and the event.  Please, no sharing of google or other online folders.
5)  Adhere to dress code standards, including wearing official dress

Deadline for submission will be established for each event. 

Notification for acceptance will follow shortly after.

Questions?  Contact our teacher chairman:  Ms. Jessica Watts ~ AST Plainview or Mrs. Corse - or 806-333-2457

 Publicity Committee Application - closed May 1, 2024.


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