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John & Sue Kearney Sweepstakes

Area I FFA is pleased to award the “John and Sue Kearney Sweepstakes Award” given in 2 categories:  single-teacher and multi-teacher.  A traveling trophy will be presented to the winning chapters for them to keep for one year.  The trophy must be returned to the Area Coordinator by Friday (morning) of the Area I Convention to be presented to the new winner.  If a school wins the trophy 3 years in a row, the chapter will be allowed to “retire the trophy” at their school and a new one will be issued the next year.  Plaques will be given to the 1st-3rd place sweepstakes winners.  Area sweepstakes winner will be calculated on points accumulated from the placing of the chapters’ teams at the Area Fall LDE contests, Spring Speaking Events, and Spring CDE Contests Sweepstakes awards will be presented at the Area Convention.  In the event of one chapter placing 2 contestants in the top 10, only the highest placing team will be counted for sweepstakes.  In the event of a tie for sweepstakes, the tie will be broken based upon the number of teams entered in CDE qualifying contests.  Area I Executive Committee will determine winner.  Should a team be disqualified from an area qualifying event, no sweepstakes points will be awarded.    Sweepstakes points will be as follows

                        1st- 10 points,    3rd- 8 points,     5th-  6 points,    7th-  4 points,   9th- 2 points

                        2nd-  9 points,    4th- 7 points,     6th-  5 points,    8th-  3 points,   10th-1 point

Our thanks to Mrs. and the late Mr. John Kearney for sponsoring this award for the Area I FFA Association.  For the address to submit your thank you notes, please email

Strive to win the Sweepstakes Cup for next year!



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