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Useful Links, Tips & Ideas

  • When you are going to be out of the classroom for extended periods of time, assign the same thing to every class.  For example, if you are going to National Convention, use the "live feed" and allow your students to virtually be at the convention with you.  Or plan for the "hall of states".
  • Create and send out a newsletter.
  • In these days of digital everything, have actual hours:  don't answer your phone when you get home.
  • Have an extra supply of official dress on hand in your office, including a skirt that is way too big. 
  • Use flash cards or Quizzlet for team training.
  • Train teams that your kids are interested in -- not just what you like.  They will appreciate your efforts to learn something new.
  • Establish expectations from day 1.  It is easier to get easier as the year progresses.

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