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Speaking Development Events
See Area I Speaking results here.

For those state qualifiers:

Registration for speaking events is now open and can be found on the JudgingCard registration calendar on 
July 6th.


'Event' dates will stay the same - July 6 & 7
All speeches will be pre-recorded
Judges will use an E-rubric to record their scores
Q&A portion (for both the heats and the final round) are required and will take place in a live Zoom format

June 15: Deadline to register on JudgingCard/Upload manuscripts and other required documents
June 16 - July 1: Students will be able to upload their pre-recorded prepared speech via the Texas FFA Roster System (Specific details to be sent later)
July 2-3: Staff will test all videos and make sure they all have picture/audio
July 3-5: Judges will have access to watch videos within their heat (12 videos per heat) and score the speech using an electronic rubric provided by JudgingCard
July 6: Live Zoom Q&A portion of the event between finalists and judges (the same judges that reviewed the heat videos will participate in the Q&A)
July 7: Final round.  This will be a different set of judges scoring the same pre-recorded video that was originally submitted.  There will also be a Zoom Q&A portion between finalists and judges
July 8 or 9: Top 10/winners will be announced during virtual convention

  • Register your speakers and make sure all required documents are uploaded by the June 15 deadline.  We will NOT accept late registration this year.
    • Specific details for the Extemporaneous Speaking event will be sent at a later date, but they do need to be registered by the deadline 
  • Register the top two winners in Jr. Prepared, Extemp & Soil Stewardship.  Only one qualifier per division in the Sr. Prepared events (we will not register alternates in Sr. Prepared)    
  • Wait for detailed instructions to be emailed to you before having the students record their speeches.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tricia Sullivan

Suggestions from Wyatt Harlan and Texas FFA concerning videoing speeches:
Film video horizontally
Pay attention to your background and avoid heavy back-lit settings
Make sure you are in a well lit room
Make sure there is no background noise
Wear official dress
Film yourself from the waist up
Film using the outward facing camera, do not use your front camera
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