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Project Centers
This page is dedicated to information from teachers who might have project centers.  It is designed to help you formulate your own rules for your own place.  Project Centers can be an added plus if you are in a more urban area or if you have students who may live inside city limits where livestock is forbidden.  They can also be an additional headache and time consumer for you and your classes, if you must spend all your time maintaining and monitoring.

Please submit any information you might have about your own school farm or project center to: and type "project center" in the message line. 

Lubbock ISD AG Farm rules:
We do not charge pen rent.
FFA members only.
Animals are inspected by AG teachers before being placed on the AG farm.
No wild hogs. Many of our students and parents trap wild hogs and request to feed out as butcher hogs.
6:30pm student curfew.
School dress code.
No tobacco.
Pens must be kept clean.
No one is allowed to bring dogs on the farm. Big problem in Lubbock.
At any sign of neglect, animal is sold at market price (Muleshoe Livestock Auction).
Improper student conduct of any kind. Student and animals are banned from AG farm for one year.
Make sure you have security lights that come on automatically every night and stay on until daylight.
Theft is always a problem on school farms.
Every pen must be dog proof. A hog panel is not dog proof.
You are welcome to visit the Lubbock ISD AG farm.
Good luck,
Roger Green
Monterey HS
Lubbock ISD AG Farm Manager


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