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Area Leadership Conference General Info

Student Schedule 2021

 What a student may expect and should know:

  • When students arrive at the Bairfield Activity Center on the Clarendon College Campus, each will sign up for a dorm room at registration and be assigned roommates.  Keys will be handed out at registration and required to be turned back in on Thursday during dorm room check.  There is a $50 fee for a lost key, payable to Clarendon College.  You will also receive a name badge and wristband that is required for you to wear the entire time you are at camp.
  • Clothing you should bring to wear:  “Dress for Camp.”  This is a leadership conference, not a fashion show.
  • Leadership classes and personal skill information will be taught during the day.  You will be divided into different color groups and should stay with your group during the daytime workshops & sessions as you rotate.  
  • Please be mindful of our facilities.  We are guests on this campus.
  • Members will write notes to each other at camp called “Happy Grams”, so bring paper or stationary along with an appropriate picture printed out (no larger than 4"X 6") to place on your folders.  Read more here.   ***PLEASE NOTE*** HG's are meant to be positive only.  Inappropriate references or other items WILL cause HG's to be removed from current or future camps.  
  • Agtastic!! will be conducted so bring athletic clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Shoes are a good idea, although they will get wet and dirty, so be prepared. No swim suits, please.  
  • Banquet – official FFA dress is required.  Chapter group pictures will be made, awards will be given, conference special guests will be recognized and a motivational guest speaker will all be part of the program.  A group of your own current and retired FFA advisors provide the delicious meal of prime rib and all the fixins'.
  • Pictures taken at conference will be available for you to download free of charge from the Area I website.  For students interested in serving on the publicity, registration will open after regular camp registration is complete.  Applicants must come from registered campers.  No current district, area, state officers or Leadership Ambassadors may apply. 
  • A concession trailer will be available all during conference to provide snacks and water at no additional charge for you.  Pizza and will be available for purchase (bring your cash or plastic) both nights of the dance.  Any profit from this will be placed in our scholarship fund.
  • Bring your own bed and bath linens and all other personal items.  You are staying in a dorm with mattresses provided, but nothing else.  Be prepared with a sleeping bag, pillow, sheets, blankets, bath towel, washcloth, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other personal hygiene items.  A shower curtain with ring attachments is a good idea in some dorms, but in case you forget, there will be some for sale at registration.   Extra towels are also available for purchase.  Here is a suggested packing list.
  • An important event for ALC every year is our Community Service Project.
  • Leadership Conference is designed to assist your local FFA chapter with needed information and skills for its members for the upcoming year.  Workshops and session attendance are not optional and participation by all members is crucial to have a successful event.   Presenters and guests have worked hard to come up with useful and educational topics to share with you.  Showing respect by listening and not being on your phone is the best way to get the most out of conference.  See workshop titles and blurbs here.
  • Please remember that professionalism during all functions is part of the success of individual FFA members and chapters.  We maintain a no late arrival, no early departure policy that must be enforced by local FFA Advisors.  Every minute of every day you are in Clarendon, the area officer team, their advisors, workshop providers, sponsors, campus staff, leadership development coordinators and the executive committee have something planned for you to be doing.  You will go home tired because we believe in keeping you busy, but still learning something and having fun:)
  • An honor for conference attendees is to be selected as a "Leadership Ambassador."  This is an application process selected only from students who have registered for ALC.  Students will be selected based upon willingness to serve, previous leadership roles and number of years attending ALC.  LA's may not be current DO's, AO, SO's or Publicity Committee.  LA's will serve as a group leader and will facilitate rotations.  They will be the only person responsible for the group flag and will help coordinate the group chant and other expectations.  Area I FFA Leadership Ambassador Application closed on June 7.
  • See Rules Video 2018 here.
  • Please show appreciate by hand writing a thank you note to these folks who help make our event possible.
  •  **We are paperless**

How do I know where to be and what I should be doing?

  • Schedule of the day will be posted in prominent locations around the campus.
  • Look at the top of this page for "Student Schedule."
  • Sign up for text alerts: or text @aoneleader to 81010.
  • Ask your Leadership Ambassador - that's what they are for:)
  • Last resort - ask your FFA advisor - LOL!

Thanks to all of our teachers, workshop presenters, and sponsors.   

To see pictures from past ALC's:
Pictures from past ALC's

If you have suggestions for improvement, be sure to submit them to:  Your suggestions will always be considered, although we cannot guarantee they will be used.  We will do our best.  Thank you for your support and help with the Area I FFA Association Leadership Conference held at Clarendon College. 


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