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Area Convention

Area I FFA Convention 2019
Thursday - Saturday May 9-11

Canyon High School & WTAMU 

Convention Registration - (includes area qualifying speakers, area qualifying talent team, courtesy corps, pizza/dance ticket count) Closed
Degree Check - (includes all recordbook award areas - Lone Stars, Americans, Proficiencies, Stars, Scholarships) Closed
Spreadsheet of Degree Check entries
Convention Committees and Basic Information - I edit this document frequently.  If you have a conflict of interest (example:  you are on the Star GH committee and you have a Star GH, please let me know ASAP)
Area Officer Election Schedule - contact Aaron Bednarz for questions ~ Text @a968e8 to 81010 for Fri AM schedule.
Area Convention Student Publicity Committee application - Closed
Area Leadership Camp TShirt Design Contest - closed
Speaking Sweepstakes
Speaking Information
Speaking Order

A message from the speaking chairman:  
"I have had some people ask me about manuscripts. Could you please send out an email explaining that... Manuscripts will NOT be scored at Area....but that the content of the speech (grammar, content, etc.) is part of the scorecard.
***I would prefer that every kid bring a copy of there speech to the contest and hand it to the judges right before they compete. The purpose of the manuscript will ONLY be to help the judges come up with questions OR to help those who might get lost during there presentation. The copy will be returned at the end of the contest."  Attached is the information regarding the Area 1 FFA speaking contest.  *The Speaking contestant info letter should explain the details of the contests. (Location, time, etc.)
*The schedule/order with times is a DRAFT and is subject to change. If you find any inaccuracies, conflicts, etc., changes will be considered until 8:00 a.m. on Thursday...then the schedule will be FINAL and no changes will be made. *The judges list is complete. There should be 3-4 judges in each room (one is Ag teacher) with a WTAMU student who will be observing and keeping time only.
Please contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. See ya Friday.
Kevin Kelley
Dumas AST/FFA Advisor

To receive text alerts during the speaking events:
Junior Prepared Public Speaking - text @areaijrpps to 81010

Extemporaneous Speaking - text 
@areaiextem to 81010

Soil Stewardship Speaking - text @areaisstew to 81010

Senior Prepared Ag Policy - text @areaiagpol to 81010

Senior Prepared Ag Tech & Communications - text @areaitech to 81010

Senior Prepared Agribusiness - text @areaiagbus to 81010

Senior Prepared Animal Science - text @areaiansci to 81010

Senior Prepared - Natural Resource - text @areainatre to 81010

Senior Prepared Plant Science - text@areaiplant to 81010

Please show your appreciation by having your students write 
Thank You Notes for Area I FFA Convention 2019

List can be found here 

Pictures from Area Convention 2019 - all photo credit to Callan Netherland - Sudan FFA (publicity committee)
Pictures from Area Convention 2018

Pictures from Area Convention 2017
See information from Area Convention 2016 here.
Pictures from Area Convention 2013
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Lone Star Manual Check Sheet Chandra Corse 4/7/2017 243 KB
Degree Check How to Submit by Mary Wilson Chandra Corse 5/7/2018 262 KB



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